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PostSubject: Who we are   Who we are Icon_minitimeFri May 02, 2008 11:09 pm

Welcome to the Crimson Tide forums.

Crimson Tide has been formed by 2 irl brothers - Eiowyn (Adam) and Lythac (James). We are old wow players (who I'm sure a lot of you would have been) and played since day of release, some 3 years ago at the time of writing this.

We raided end game content as GM and RL, progressing to 4/9 BT and 4/5 MH, so we're pretty serious about gaming. However, we're not going to go on about wow, we're onto AoC and pastures new, but wanted to give you a brief idea as to what we're about.

So, what do we hope to achieve within AoC and how much do we plan to do as a community? Well, both of us have irl daytime jobs (mon-fri 9-5), so guild organised events will be in the evening 19:30 - 11:30 UK time (20:30 - 00:30 European Time).

We plan to have an adult/mature guild. We're 27 and 25 and we would like to keep a relatively serious feel to the guild, but of course having fun along the way. As such we ideally want to aim for 18+ but very much aware that you get some very mature under 18s (and some very immature adults!). Basically if you behave yourself and don't annoy fellow players you're fine with us.

We hope to establish a core of semi-hardcore players to attend 90%+ of guild organised events (being 5 days a week - Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs & Sun) We leave weekends free as people may want to go out drinking - we certainly do! The 5 days a week will be reviewed over time to see if this is optimal - may transpire we need additional days to get stuff done, or cut back on days as players are getting burnt out.

We encourage players to get involved on your mic's (as long as it's relevant to what we're doing and not confusing matters), but if you haven't got one (or too shy to use one) thatís perfectly acceptable - as long as you can hear us on the speakers (vent/ts details to follow at some point).

We will also have some form of friend/casual rank if any of the more hardcore players have friends they want to play with who perhaps want to be social able, but don't want to get as heavily into the game as others. This will of course be reviewed - we plan to have quality, not quantity of players.

As far as raid leading goes we're pretty laid back, but with a firm focus in game. We not the sorts to start yelling and screaming at people. There will be times when we may challenge your performance if we feel you're not playing as well as you should.

Loot distribution will be fair and a system devised when appropriate and the time is right.

We're realists - we're not the sorts who think we know every last little bit about the game. We love discussions around theory, mechanics etc - its good to discuss these things and compare ideas with others. However don't let that put you off if thatís not your style - we won't have any noob name calling as such - if you know your class and can prove your worth you will fit in just fine.

As time goes on we will of course be looking for some other leaders in various capacities to help us progress Crimson Tide to end game content, having fun along the way.

Eiowyn & Lythac
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Who we are
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